Property in Delft owned by members
of Leeuwenhoek's extended family

the de Meij family

Donkerstraat 51 A

Father-in-law Elias de Meij's widow Maria Verlijn owned it afer his death.

ORA 281-283 notes that it came "with two little houses of Jan Kola", which must be D1039 and D1040bis. Leeuwenhoek's daughter Maria inherited the two little houses from her aunt Maria de Meij. She sold them in 1710 to Hendrick van Leeuwen 5r272. Joris Huijsman acquired them between 1727 and 1730 (waarbrief 6b302v).

Gasthuislaan 5

Elias de Meij (-1646) paid the 1632-1654 verponding 383v2. These two properties are adjacent and have the same ownership history and sales letters.

His purchase is documents in the Delft archives: Losse aanwinsten Delft, Archiefnummer 598, Inventarisnummer 61, Charternummer 6066

On April 1, 1649, Elias de Meij, saaidrapier, bought this property from Adriaen Claesz Meuijt, who received payments for the verponding (housing tax). The previous owner was Jan Borgersz, a shoemaker. At the time, the city Weeshuis (orphanage) bordered this property on the west. Because Elias seems to have died in 1646, perhaps his widow or his estate bought it?

Nieuwe Langendijk 84

Elias de Meij (-1646) is listed first, then his daughter Maria de Meij. Elias paid the 1620 verponding OAD inv. 1755 fol. 192R2

Oosteinde 248

Elias de Meij (-1646), saytrapier, paid both verpondings 219v2 and 227v2. Antony paid the 1632-1654 verponding, also. Elias's widow Maria gave it to Antony and wife Barbara de Meij, 11 May 1655, notary Johannes Ranck. Antony's daughter inherited it from her father. She bequeathed it to _____ in her will of _______.

House name: Groene Velt

Oosteinde 252

Margrita de Meij paid the 1632-1654 verponding 227r2. Maria de Meij (1626-1676) bequeathed this property, aka Vooromme, in a will made on 1669 10/08 (notary Paul Durven ONA Delft inv. 2237, fol. ??) to her niece (sister Barbara de Meij's daughter) Maria Thonis Leeuwenhoek (1656-1745).

Maria Leeuwenhoek bequeathed it in her will of 1744 05/20 (notary Willem van der Lely ONA Delft inv. 2753, fol. 19) to her maid Josina van der Sprenkel.

D0027 to the south was owned by Mathijs van Kempen (407v2/5x057). To the north was the delftware factory the Lampetkan.

Owners noted in ORA 281-283

Joost Jansz, kleermaker, his widowAeltge Joosten, daughter of Joost JanszWillem Dircksz van Appelo, married to Aeltge JoostenMaria de MeijMaria LeeuwenhoekJosina van SprenkelPieter van BerkelooChristiaan BijkerkAnna, widow of Christiaan BijkerkAbraham van der CeelGeertruida Viervant, widow of Abraham van Ceel