People: contemporaries

Died Antony's

Abraham Cornelis van Bleyswyck

January 28, 1761 correspondent and distant relative

Abraham Edens

June 21, 1765 friend and buyer of some of his microscopes and lenses

Adriaan Beman

March 30, 1737 printer late in his career

Adriaen van Assendelft

August 8, 1742 neighbor and colleague at the Stadhuis

Aldert Hodenpijl

June 29, 1681 witness and guildhouse manager

Andries Voorstad

February 20, 1730 printer

Anthonie Heinsius

August 3, 1720 friend from the Stadhuis in the 1660's who went on to become Grand Pensionary of the Republic

Antonius de Heyde

Arnold Ramp

December 22, 1734 co-worker at the Stadhuis

Christiaan Huygens

July 8, 1695 friend and colleague

Constantijn Huygens

March 28, 1687 friend and colleague

Cornelis Boutesteyn

main printer

Cornelis Isaaks 's Gravesande

December 5, 1691 neighbor who helped him learn anatomy and dissection techniques

Cornelis Vallensis

June 27, 1692 friend

Daniel Bogaert

June 17, 1681 co-worker at the Stadhuis

Daniel van Gaesbeeck

first printer

Ewout van Bleiswijk

May 9, 1723 Stadhuis colleague and correspondent

Frans Leenderts van Helden

February 8, 1649 seller of the Gulden Hoofd

Frederik Adriaan van Reede van Renswoude

December 12, 1738 friend, host, husband of Maria Duyst

Frederik Ruysch

February 22, 1731 visitor and fellow anatomist

George d'Acquet

January 10, 1732 neighbor; distant relative by marriage

Gerard van Assendelft

April 11, 1760 estate executor

Gerrit den Appel

June 14, 1687 co-worker at the Stadhuis

Govert Bidloo

March 30, 1713 fellow anatomist and correspondent

Harmen van Zoelen

September 30, 1702 correspondent, a regent and city official from Rotterdam

Hendrik d’ Acquet

August 15, 1706 neighbor; city doctor; regent

Hendrik van Bleyswijk

August 20, 1703

Hendrik van Cronevelt

January 29, 1708 printer and next-door neighbor

Herman Boerhaave

September 23, 1738 visitor and correspondent

Hubert Kornelis Poot

December 31, 1733 panegyrist and fellow townsman

Isaac Soubrie

December 2, 1710 co-worker at the Stadhuis; camerbewaarder of the orphans' chamber

Jacob Spoors

January 22, 1677 older friend who furthered his interests in geometry and mathematics

Jan Strick

February 17, 1672 co-worker at the Stadhuis

Jan Swammerdam

February 17, 1680 colleague from Amsterdam who visited but found him hard to reason with

Johan Arnold Langerak

last printer

Johan Ham

"best capable" scientific colleague

Johannes Blaukamer

May 30, 1699 business partner

Johannes Hudde

April 15, 1704 fellow microscopist

Johannes Verkolje

May 8, 1693 portrait painter

Johannes Vermeer

December 15, 1675 fellow citizen of Delft. We have no evidence that they knew each other.

Lambert Twent

September 14, 1697 neighbor, Delft's first postmaster

Lambert van Velthuysen

November 5, 1685 correspondent who lived in Utrecht

Maria Duyst van Voorhout

April 26, 1754 neighbor as a child and his life-long friend

Nicolaas Hartsoeker

December 10, 1725 rival over the discovery of sperm

Nicolaas Witsen

August 10, 1717 correspondent

Nicolaes Boogaert van Belois

January 1, 1746

Paul Durven

April 5, 1711 lawyer friend with whom he rented the St. Agnieten Toorn

Petrus Gribius

November 4, 1739 minister late in his life

Pontus Bourbon


Reinier de Graaf

August 30, 1673 mentor who wrote the cover letter to his first letter to the Royal Society