Christiaan Huygens

friend and colleague
Birth or Baptism date: 
April 14, 1629
Death or Burial date: 
July 8, 1695

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The Huygens family, Christiaan along with his father, Constantijn, and his brother, Constantijn jr., were the leading intellectual family in the Dutch Republic. After an initial period of skepticism, Christiaan and Constantijn were soon vouching for Leeuwenhoek in London and Paris and became his most important Dutch supporters.

Living just four miles up the Vliet from Delft, Christiaan Huygens visited and corresponded with Leeuwenhoek, especially early in his career. Leeuwenhoek addressed two letters to him, listed below.

Huygens tried his own hand at microscopes in order to replicate Leeuwenhoek's observations. He also attested to the Royal Society, of which he was a member and frequent contributor to Philosophical Transactions, about the accuracy of Leeuwenhoek's claims and the nature of his character.

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